B.C. Access Grants in Canada for 2022

B.C. Access Grants in Canada for 2022

In times of economic recession with its characteristic high cost of living coupled with the uncertainty of how to get by each day, grants are the undergraduate students’ tickets to a less financially demanding education. Given for the purpose of providing financial aid to well deserving students without the responsibility of a refund, grants are simply the distressed students’ lucky charms. One of such grants, accessible to British Columbia students in public post secondary institutions is the B.C Access grant.

The B.C. Access grants are grants awarded to outstanding students who desire to pursue a degree (be it an undergraduate degree, diploma, or certificate program) in British Columbia, Canada for the academic year 2021-2022. This grant is organized by StudentAid BC and was established to be given out starting from 1st August, 2020 to students who are facing financial challenges and are truly unable to afford a post-secondary education without any form of external financial assistance. To ensure that the grant is awarded to low income or middle income students who otherwise, would be unable to complete their studies, the awarding body of the grant (the StudentAid BC) has put in place some modalities to ensure that the grant is rightly awarded to students in the aforementioned economic class. One of such modalities is that the B.C. Access Grant amount is based on a student’s family income. Therefore, as the student’s family income increases, the grant amount decreases. Access Grants are now available for outstanding students who want to pursue an undergraduate degree, diploma, or certificate program in Canada for the academic year 2021-2022. The program is organized by StudentAid BC with the aim of providing upfront, non-refundable financial aid to low and middle-income students entering a full-time degree program at British Columbia public post-secondary institutions. Not only does the scheme provide financial aid in the form of grants, it also does this by providing other forms of aids like credits, studentships and additional programs. Interestingly, the scheme also has provisions for borrowers who are in need of help to reimburse their loans. The official application deadline for the 2021/2022 academic session is June, 2021. Presently, the only country that is eligible to receive the grant is Canada and this will be awarded for the undergraduate degree, diploma and other certificate programs in the said country. Students who are running a Master’s or PhD program, or enrolled in any of the unclassified studies  are not eligible for the grant. It is also worthy of note that a B. C student studying in a public higher institution is automatically assessed for the grant as soon he/she applies for a student loan, making it unnecessary to apply for the grant.


To understand how the scheme works, here is a brief but detailed description to guide you through:

Organizer: StudentAid BC

Degree: Undergraduate degree, Diploma and other certificate programs

Award Amount: Approximately $29.41 per study week

Access Media: Online

Nationality of Recipients: Canadian students

Place of Award: Canada


In order to be eligible to apply for and be awarded the B.C Access grant, you must:

  • apply and qualify for full-time StudentAid BC financial assistance
  • have a minimum of $1 of financial need thoroughly assessed by the province
  • attend a public British Columbia post-secondary institution.

How to Apply

Application for the B.C Access grant is done via their online portal. Simply navigate through the portal to read up the requirement. Once you have met their requirements including the English language proficiency requirement, you can apply and submit the relevant supporting documents.

Supporting Documents: In order to be qualified for to be considered for this grant, you must endeavor to submit a copy of the following required documents along with your application:

  • An identity card
  • A passport photograph (in JPG format)
  • A CV
  • Academic records.

Admission Requirements: A key admission requirement is that you must be a scholar, holding an offer letter for your chosen course of study. In addition, you must have a unique curricular criteria and must meet the requirements of eligibility as stated in the portal.

Language Requirement: Since English is the most preferred language, as an aspirant, you need to provide evidences of your English language proficiency as required by your chosen institution.

Potential Benefits

Wondering what the benefits of this prestigious grant are? Here is a list of benefits of the B.C Access Grant to guide you during your decision making process:

  • The scheme offers up to $4,000 per eight-month academic year (which is equivalent to a weekly amount of $117.65) for students admitted into undergraduate programs that are less than two years in duration.
  • The scheme also offers up to $1,000 per eight-month academic year (which is equivalent to a weekly amount of $29.41) for students admitted into undergraduate programs that are up to two or more years in length.
  • Students in a longer study duration (which may be up to fifty two weeks of grant eligibility) may be eligible for more while students that are in for a shorter study duration may receive less.
  • You can receive this grant for each academic year of your undergraduate studies provided you still qualify for the grant.

While getting ready to apply for the grant, it is necessary to note the following of how to get paid:

  • Once you have been approved for the B.C. Access Grant, you will receive your funding immediately through a mailed cheque.
  • You will receive 100% of your funding at the beginning of your study period if your study period is 17 weeks or less.
  • You will receive half of your funding at the beginning of your study period and the other half midway through your study period if your study period is longer than 17 weeks.

My Final Thought: Being a student in this present times can be quite challenging considering the high cost of living which seems to be directly proportional to a lower standard of living. As a Canadian student from British Columbia or studying in any of the public higher institutions in B.C, having access to quality education shouldn’t be a herculean task anymore given the array of grants and scholarships available. The B. C Access Grant which is a newly established and prestigious grant is one grant for British Columbia students that you can’t afford to miss. So, while racking your brain to find options to solving your financial challenges, I emplore you to consider applying for the B. C Access Grant in the coming academic session.

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