Fifteen Reasons to Migrate to Canada

Fifteen Reasons to Migrate to Canada

Migration (whether emigration or immigration) is one activity of human beings that has come to stay. Every day, hundreds of people migrate from one place to another for different reasons- some in search of employment opportunities, a safer environment, top notch health care or educational services, etc. Recently, the trend has shifted from migrating to the UK, US, Switzerland and other economically endowed nations to Canada. This leaves the average mind wondering what’s so special about Canada. Why Canada? is now a very common question on the lips of people that are looking to emigrate but aren’t yet sure which country is best for them. Online education degree.

Canada is a country located within North America and it occupies the greater part of its embedding continent. The country is bounded on the east by the North Atlantic Ocean, on the west by the North Pacific Ocean, on the north by the Arctic Ocean and in the south by the U. S. Canada is reputed for being one of the safest and friendliest places on earth with top notch educational and health care facilities among other admirable features that makes its economy a booming one. If you’re looking to migrate to any of the North American countries but aren’t quite sure which one to emigrate to or you’re considering relocating to Canada but need to know all the reasons you should do so, then this article is for you. Read on.

Numerous Job Opportunities: Alright, I’m sure by now you’re wondering if there are numerous job opportunities out there for you if you decide to make the bold leap to Canada. The answer is a resounding yes! Canada’s economy is growing and the thing with growth is that it has a way of inspiring more need which opens up tons of opportunities for all kinds of professions. Currently, there are about three hundred and forty seven occupations under the federal skilled workers program that you can qualify for. So, if you’re worried about how to pay your bills on relocating to Canada, worry no more as hundreds of juicy jobs are available for you to choose from.

Inexpensive Living Costs: One great thing about Canada is its affordable living costs. An average Canadian earning an average paycheck can afford to live comfortably and still have some cash left to save for investments. For me, the relatively low cost of living and high standard of living is a plus and a big spur for wanting to relocate to Canada.

Free Top Notch Health Care: Think of a country with top notch, yet free basic health care services and you’d be thinking of Canada. Canadian citizens aid the government in providing free basic health care services by paying their taxes. What’s more? The free basic health care is accessible to all citizens and immigrants who may/may not be used to having these amenities in their home countries. So, if you’re worried about how to take care of your health while staying in Canada, worry no more as there is a health care package for you.

Very Low Crime Rates: If you’re a lover of peaceful environments with very low crime rates, then you’re definitely going to love Canada as the country has been ranked as one of the most peaceful countries in America with an incredibly low crime rate. So, feel free to relocate to Canada, bearing in mind that you’d be quite safe, compared to when you’re in other countries.

High Quality Education: If there is one thing that parents are usually concerned about while emigrating to a completely new environment, it’s the quality of education offered there. Good news is that Canada has one of the best educational facilities in America which places them ahead of the US and UK. So, as a young high school/college student or parent thinking about getting the best education, worry no more as you or your kids would be learning from the very best educators in the most friendly environment.

Friendly Climate: The prevalence of permafrost in the north and warmer climates in the south makes the Canadian climate a friendly one. Summers are usually a delight with the temperature hitting thirty five degrees Celsius in some regions. The region is characterized by short but very wonderful autumn seasons and very cold winters. Looking for a country with a perfect blend of warm summers, cozy autumns and cold winters? Then, Canada is the place for you.

Large Size: Canada is currently ranked the second largest country in the world after Russia. With a population of only 36.71 million people occupying its large space, you can be sure that there’s plenty of space for real real estates, industries, residential buildings, schools, etc. If you’re a lover of large land spaces with a relatively small population, then you might want to consider relocating to Canada.

Ease of Emigration: Moving to Canada is relatively easy when compared to other countries. It is easier to process your Canadian Visa, residence permit, work permit and other relevant documents. This explains why thousands of British and other foreign emigrants troop to Canada every year. So, if you’re looking to emigrate to a country with a relatively easy Visa application process, then you might want to consider emigrating to Canada.

Great Meals: Do you have streams of saliva flowing down your tongue at the sight or thought of food? If yes, then you should plan a visit to Canada. Canada is the home to some very delicious tasting meals. From their delightful maple syrup to their super tasty butter tarts, Saskatoon berry pie, Montreal style bagels amongst other meals, you can’t go wrong with Canadian dishes.

Beautiful Tourist Spots: If there is one nation that’s blessed with a lot of great tourist sites, then it is Canada. From her ever thrilling Niagara Falls with its lovely cascading waters to her snow caped mountains, warm sand beaches and finally to the Great Lakes with its fresh interconnecting waters, you can’t go wrong emigrating to Canada.

Warm and Kind People: Canadians are known to be very kind and welcoming. There is this sense of belongness you get whenever you’re in Canada that would send you imagining how sweet life would be if you permanently relocated there. Visitors often do not have a hard time blending in and enjoying the full hospitality that Canada offers to their citizens. So, if you’re in a hostile environment and you’re seriously considering relocating to a more friendly one, then you might want to consider making Canada your new home.

Modern Metropolitan Living: Think of a country with modern, clean and very stylish cities and you’d be thinking of Canada. The modernity and neatness of Canada makes it a great immigrant attraction which explains why its largest cities like Vancouver and Toronto are almost crowded and very expensive. But never to worry, there are lots of other modern cities within Canada that are less crowded and expensive.

Family Friendly: If you’re a parent, by now, you must be worried about raising your kids in a very friendly environment. Worry no more as Canada is a family friendly country with lots of outdoor events to help your family bond the more.

High Quality of Life: Let’s face it, a nation with very friendly people, less crime rates, modern cities, high quality education, low cost of living, free basic health care system, among other benefits would naturally have a high quality of life. These factors, among other factors help to increase the standard of living in Canada and by extension, the quality of life of the average Canadian resident or citizen. So, if you’re looking to start all over in a safe and friendly environment with a relatively high quality of life, then I strongly recommend that you consider relocating to Canada.

Beautiful Environment and Properties: Canadian homes and properties are not only large but also very beautiful. The environment is mostly neat with lots of beautiful homes to make you most comfortable. Simply put, Canadian homes are homes away from home.

Conclusion: Canada, being a very large, friendly and safe country is one country that is presently opening up its borders to immigrants with lots of prospects. So, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to relocate to Canada where you could have that dream life of yours. Good luck on your decision to migrate to Canada.

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