Higher Education – Top Ten Universities in Canada

Higher Education – Top Ten Universities in Canada

Canada, being a major migration interest is blessed with lots of high ranking universities, some of which have maintained their rankings over the years. It is quite clear that Canada is a major education hub, with most of its universities and colleges always topping the world ranking chart. Below is a list of top notch Canadian universities ranked based on these three criteria: first, based on being chartered and licensed by the relevant Canadian higher education related organization. Second, based on their ability to offer four year undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees. Third, based on their ability to deliver courses in a traditional, non-distant pattern. So, if you’re looking to study in Canada but you aren’t sure of which university to apply to, I encourage you to continue reading this article.

University of Toronto: The University of Toronto, founded in 1827 and located in the metropolis of Toronto, Ontario is the highest ranked university in Canada. Situated at 27 King’s College Circle, Toronto, the university is a very large coeducational institution that was established as a non-profit public higher education institution. Blue and white are its official colors and the institution has over the years, flourished as a well groomed tree, rising to the fore to become the highest ranked university in the country and the twenty second in the whole world. This explains why it’s motto is “As a tree through the ages.” So, if you’re hoping to study in the most conducive and equipped Canadian higher educational institution, then you should consider applying to the University of Toronto.

The University of British Columbia: Talk about a university whose motto encourages you to strive for excellence by reminding you that “it is up to you” and you’d be talking of the University of British Columbia. Having been established in 1908 as a public research university, UBC has evolved to become the second highest ranked university after University of Toronto having campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna. If you’re looking for a place where you could carry out extensive research work while being constantly spurred to be the best in the midst of the best students and tutors, then University of British Columbia is the place for you.

University of Waterloo: Okay, don’t get scared; just because it is called University of Waterloo doesn’t mean you’re going to meet your waterloo should you decide to study there. On the contrary, the University of Waterloo is a non-profit public higher institution established in 1957 in the city of Waterloo, Ontario. Apart from offering courses and programs that can lead to officially recognized higher education programs, the university is also equipped to provide the students with lots of non-academic facilities and services such as sport facilities and exchange programs respectively. What’s more? International applicants are eligible to apply to study in any of their large three campuses.

McGill University: If you’re looking to apply to study in an institution with a selective admission policy but that’s welcoming to international students as well, then you should consider applying to McGill University. Their admission policy is based on entrance examination and students’ past academic records. Established in 1821, the university is a large coeducational institution with a large student and staff strength. Interestingly, the university is equipped with a number of necessary facilities such as library, sport facilities and housing. In addition to these facilities, the university offers some services like financial aid, career and financial services.

Simon Fraser University: Simon Fraser University is a public research-based university located in British Columbia, Canada. Established in 1965, the fifty six year old institution has three campuses with a strong academic staff strength of one thousand and ninety five (1,095). The campuses are the Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver campuses with the Burnaby campus being the main campus and occupying a one hundred and seventy hectare (170) space. One outstanding thing about SFU is that it has been able to expand higher education throughout Canada through its numerous academic and non-academic activities. What’s more? The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and is open to international students. So, if you’re an international student looking to study any of the undergraduate or postgraduate taught or research courses in Canada, then, you should consider applying to Simon Fraser University.

University of Alberta: The University of Alberta or U of A as it is commonly called is a public university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and was founded in 1908 by Alexander C. Rutherford. One thing that makes this institution to stand out is the fact that it offers a lot of academic and professional programs that ultimately lead to undergraduate and graduate level credentials. Over the years, the university has had a major impact on the economy of Alberta and its impact is currently estimated to be five percent of Alberta’s gross domestic product (GDP). Apart from being an outstanding citadel of learning with a vast number of alumni who are world leaders in their right, the university has over the years, made heavy investment in health and science. If you have a penchant for research in the health care sector, I encourage you to consider applying to the University of Alberta.

York University: York University is a public research university located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The University is the third largest university in Canada with over seven thousand staff and fifty five thousand students. Established in 1959, the university has risen to a level in which most of its programs have gained both national and international recognition. It is quite interesting to note that the oldest and best film school in Canada is housed by York University. York University has nine undergraduate colleges and residences and despite having had several incidents of industrial actions in the past, remains one of Canada’s best research institutions offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Queen’s University: Think of a university that is very organized and you’d be thinking of Queen’s University. Queen’s University is a public research university located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The University is sectioned into ten undergraduate, postgraduate and professional faculties. The university is a public funded coeducational university and comprises of more than twenty three thousand students. Founded in 1841, the university operates six research centres. If you’re a lover of research and organization, then you should consider applying to Queen’s University.

University of Calgary: Think of a university that is on a very ambitious journey to becoming one of the top research-intensive universities in Canada and you’d be thinking of the University of Calgary. Founded in 1944 as the Calgary branch of the University of Alberta, the institution has grown to become a strong focus to reckon with in the area of research and has sponsored research worth about $380.4 million in revenue. The university is equipped with lots of research facilities and works with both provincial and federal research and regulatory agencies to provide top notch research along side its taught courses. In addition to being a top notch research center, the university offers numerous scholarships, awards and bursaries to her outstanding students. What’s more? The university admits international students to study courses of their choice in addition to offering a wide range of residences to her numerous students. If you’re passionate about research in an institution that’s a combination of serene and excellent, then University of Calgary is the institution to study in.

University of Victoria: If there is any university in Canada that brings the thought of royalty to mind, it is University of Victoria also known as UVic. The university is a public research institution in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Before its reincorporation as a university in 1963, the university existed as an affiliate institution. Being the oldest post-secondary institution in Canada, the university hosts a number of notable research institutes and offers admission to international students as well. The university is known for its dynamic educational system which include provision of and use of advanced laboratories, libraries and art studios in learning, all geared towards providing the students with an effective learning opportunity. Also, the university houses lots of restaurants, students clubs, art galleries and sports courts to help the students relax in between learning. Simply put, UVic is a center for academic excellence and a fun hub.

Conclusion: So much has been said about the top ten universities in Canada and from the list above, getting admission to study in any of the top universities in Canada can be as easy as having a track record of academic success in your high school as well as performing well in your chosen university’s entrance exam and admission essays. If you’re interested in studying in Canada but aren’t quite sure of which university to apply to, feel free to revisit the list of top ten universities in Canada above. I wish you success in your academic endeavors.

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