Affordable Universities in the United States in 2021

Top Seven Affordable Universities in the United States in 2021

The United States of America is one country a lot of international students dream of living and schooling in. Some conceived this dream right from their junior high school days while others conceived theirs in their senior year, while considering list of colleges to apply to. Unfortunately, the high cost of education in the United States has deterred a lot of international students from studying in their dream countries. Students who are unwilling to source for academic loans to study in the US often find themselves either opting to study in their home countries or traveling to other countries where education is quite affordable. Good news is, not all-American colleges are extremely expensive. Amidst the expensive ones are the top notch, yet affordable ones. What’s more? Some of these American colleges provide scholarships and study grants to their students, both home and international students. So, if you’re looking to study in a high ranking, yet affordable university in the US in 2021, here is a list of top ten affordable universities in the US to guide you in your decision making process:

California State University, San Bernardino: California State University is a public university located in California, USA. The university’s main campus is located in San Bernardino which happens to be one of the largest cities in California. The university offers a stock-pile of undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as online programs for distant learners. Among its numerous courses include Arts, History, Biology, etc. The university’s ability to offer both undergraduate and postgraduate as well as online programs helps it to cater to the diverse needs of its numerous students and sets it some paces ahead of a lot of universities in the United States. Interestingly, the university is considered a leading university in cyber security education as it was able to launch its cyber security program in 2008. The average tuition costs for non-residents and international students per academic session is estimated at $18,000. So, if you’re an international student who is interested in any of the arts, sciences and humanities or who is techy and wishes to study in an affordable university that offers a variety of courses in the most friendly and serene environment, then you should consider applying to the California State University.

Dakota State University: Dakota State University is a public university located in South Dakota, USA. It was established in 1881 and has evolved to become one of the most prestigious colleges in the US. The total annual cost of running an undergraduate program is estimated at $19,754, making the university one of the most affordable universities in USA. DSU is one university that holds teacher education at its core, having been originally established for the purpose of teacher education. The university offers over forty five courses (both undergraduate and graduate courses) to choose from and is open to both home and international students. Also, DSU has facilities for distant and online learning for busy students. Think of a university where you could study any course of your choice at the convenience of your home and you’d be thinking of DSU.

Southeast Missouri State University: Southeast Missouri State University is a public university located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA. It was estaished in 1873 and currently offers over two hundred courses which includes one hundred minors, one hundred and forty-five undergraduate majors and over seventy five postgraduate courses. In addition to imparting quality education with new ways of teaching, the cost of studying in SEMO is incredibly affordable, thereby making it a choice college for a lot of students, both home and international. In addition to being a major center of academic excellence, the university has strong connections with the cyber industry which together with its cybersecurity team defend against cyber-attacks. Further more, it has a cooperative program with Apple aimed at providing P-12 education with the use of cutting-edge technology. If you’re techy and out to study any course of your choice in the most affordable US university, then I advise you to consider applying to Southeast Missouri State University.

University of Wisconsin: Whenever I think of the top ten research universities in the US, University of Wisconsin comes to my mind. Established in 1848 as an open research university, the university has grown to be one of the world giants in research, having become famous for housing an arboretum that is located within its large premises. One amiable thing about this university is its research and teaching facility and its historic site of ecological restoration. What’s more? The university is quite affordable as it’s annual total cost is estimated at $27,708 for undergraduate students and $27,938 for postgraduate students. Given the unique features of the university, if you’re living in Wisconsin or planning to relocate to Wisconsin, I encourage you to take advantage of your location and apply to study in the University of Wisconsin.

Brigham Young University: Are you a lover of affordable private research universities that offer language education? If yes, then you’d definitely love Brigham Young University. BYU is a private research university that was founded in 1875 and is located in Utah, USA. BYU was established by and is currently owned by the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The university which occupies five hundred and fifty-seven acres of land operates a semester-based academic calendar. In addition to offering language education and courses in sixty-two languages, the university is known to have mandatory courses in the Bibles as a result of its religious background. Asides its religious inclinations, the school is deeply into the sciences and has created some remarkable inventions like electronic television over the years. Quite interestingly, despite being a private institution, its annual total cost is quite affordable and is currently estimated to be $18,370.00.

University of Louisiana at Monroe: The University of Louisiana at Monroe is a state funded public university whose goal is to meet the academic, cultural, social, and personal needs of her teaming undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university is fully accredited and offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses to home and international students. Located in Monroe, Louisiana, the university is a part of the University of Louisiana educational system. In addition to being very affordable, the university offers a 4-year meteorological program under her department of atmospheric science. Also, the university has a number of colleges which includes but it isn’t limited to school of business, college of pharmacy, school of nursing, theater arts, etc. In addition to academics, the school is also sports inclined and houses some award winning groups. So, if you’re a lover of science, arts or humanities with a special flair for meteorology, I encourage you to consider applying to the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Arkansas State University: Are you looking out for a university that is out to educate, enhance and equip her students? If yes, then you might be interested in Arkansas State University. Arkansas State University is a public research university located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Established in 1909, the university has grown to have 2 campuses located in Arkansas and Queretaro with the Arkansas campus being its main campus. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different colleges which include agriculture, sciences, nursing, mathematics, arts and humanities, etc. The university is quite affordable as its total annual cost is estimated at $21,058. In addition to its affordability, the university is open to both local and international students, thereby making it a choice destination for many.

Conclusion: The list of top seven affordable universities in the United States in 2021 above shows that education in the United States isn’t totally unaffordable as some people, especially, international students have been made to believe. It is with this conviction that I encourage you to refer to the list above for guidance on which university would give you the quality of education you desire without making you break a bank.

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